A mind worth sharing

"A Beautiful Mind" is an independent blog launched in May 2023 by Maiyuki. Ideas, dreams, and philosophy occupy her mind on a daily basis. These thoughts long to be acknowledged, written down, and given a space to express themselves.

30 years of observing the world

She observes her surroundings with a mind filled with ideas and richness from her imagination. Whatever comes up in her mind, it is clear that she needs a friend who can be there with her in her thoughts - a friend who gives her space at any time of the day. This friend has taken on different forms throughout the years: ink, sound, video, and now digital ink.

We all have life baggage. She carries hers, just like everyone else, with its weight pressing upon her. These heavy burdens have had their toll on her, for better or worse. They have provided her with stories to tell - stories shared over a drink with a friend or through an encounter with a stranger. They have captivated many listeners, eager to hear more or engage in conversations. She loves a good chat and welcomes anyone who wants to continue the conversation further, delving into topics until they are eventually thrown out of the bar.

She is hard to impress. However, when something piques her interest, her curiosity kicks in and you might not see her for days or weeks. Such an event occurred in the spring of 2023 when she came across the game Nier Automata. The game deeply resonated with her, sparking her desire to write again. This blog finally took priority, and there is now even a topic on the site dedicated to dissecting the game and uncovering its underlying messages behind every detail. #dissecting-nier

Every human mind is unique, and we only have the opportunity to listen to a few during our lifetime. Most of us keep our thoughts to ourselves, afraid of being judged. Others gather the courage to break free from the norms imposed by society.

Her opinions can be controversial, and therefore, she often feels like she doesn't belong anywhere. Her opinions and experiences cannot be neatly categorized but are scattered across the vast spectrum of ideas. The internet is an unforgiving place for those who don't conform. Whatever is published can follow you throughout your life. But should we be afraid? Should we let fear silence us? Should we live under the radar? Is that a life worth living? I suppose you already know the answer. The question is, do you live up to it?

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