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A masterpiece that rescued her from the depths of darkness. It explores the very essence of humanity, pushing the boundaries to their limits. Many theories, when explored, often lead to somber conclusions. This remarkable work will leave you with profound emotions and provide an opportunity for reflection. It's a game that most people may never experience, yet it's an absolute must-play for every RPG enthusiast. Spoiler alert!


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Ventilating thoughts, feelings, and everything that encompasses our humanity. The situations she encounters, some of which many will never comprehend or even acknowledge. The human mind cannot conceive something it has never experienced. Each individual is unique, and our longing to be understood compels us to explore, to seek someone who can relate to us or whom we can relate to. This is why we often turn to books, movies, and music, searching for worlds entirely different from our own.


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From a few pixels games to a stunning world of heroes, friendships, villains, and crystals created by combining a few of the world's best crafters in tech, music, and design. Let's dive into the world of Final Fantasy and what it meant to her world.